The ultimate disk cleaner for Mac

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launching January 2024

Auto Clean

HyperDisk scans your disk and applies smart rules to identify files which can be deleted to save valuable space.

View your disk in 3D

Visualize the complete contents of your hard drive as never before with HyperDisk’s stunning 3D disk view.

Find duplicate files

List all the duplicate files on your system, and identify which ones to keep and which ones to delete.

Find similar images

Find similar image files, like those from a camera burst or multiple versions of the same photo.


Digital Deep Clean.

HyperDisk gives you control over your Mac’s hard drive like never before. It integrates a 3D disk viewer, duplicate file finder, similar image finder and auto cleaner into one sleek, modern, Mac-only, 100% native Swift application.
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Disk View.
See all your files in 3D.

HyperDisk draws your disk as a stack of rectangles in 3D. These rectangles’ sizes represent their actual size on disk. Quickly see which files and folders are taking the most space on your disk.

Auto Clean.
Let HyperDisk do the cleanup.

HyperDisk can make decisions about which files to remove and link together to free up space on your hard drive. Decide how deeply you want HyperDisk to clean your drive by simply moving a slider left to right.

Find Duplicates.
Eliminate redundant files.

HyperDisk’s duplicate file finder is among the fastest on the Mac. See a list of identical files on your disk, and choose which ones to delete. QuickLook support lets you make quick comparisons by hitting spacebar.

Similar Images.
Quickly find images that look alike.

HyperDisk’s Similar Image Finder will look at your images and find ones that look similar, even if they’re not pixel-for-pixel identical. HyperDisk’s Similar Image Finder is much faster than most other tools of its kind, often by a factor  of 10 or more.

100% Privacy.

HyperDisk doesn’t collect any information from our users. In fact, the app runs in a sandbox environment on your Mac which prevents it from making any calls to the Internet. You can rest assured that your disk information stays with you—this app never phones home.

Privacy Policy

No subscription

We figured you might have enough subscriptions already. Buy HyperDisk once and run it as much as you want… the way it should be.

No up-sell

HyperDisk isn’t a freemium or pay-as-you-go type of app. There aren’t any in app purchases or extra features to be unlocked.

No extensions

HyperDisk doesn’t install bits and pieces all over your system. It doesn’t rely on any extensions, background processes, or third-party components. It won’t ever auto-launch itself or make itself an unwelcome resident of your Mac.

A stellar tech pedigree.

HyperDisk’s code is all new, written in 2023 atop the most modern underpinnings. It is a secure, fully-sandboxed application with no third-party libraries or dependencies.


HyperDisk is written in Swift 5. HyperDisk is highly parallel and optimized. It makes use of all the computing cores inside your Mac.

Apple Silicon
Apple Silicon

HyperDisk runs natively on both the older Intel-based Macs and the new M-series ARM-based Macs.


HyperDisk uses Metal, (Apple’s super-high-performance graphics library), to maximize the speed of our Similar Images search.


SceneKit is usually used as a game engine, but HyperDisk uses it to draw a beautiful, immersive 3D view of your disk’s contents.